This is my ball of mud. There are many like it, but this one is mine.

This Is My Ball of Mud

In college I wrote a solution for the Knight’s Tour. Since then I’ve planned to build a full chess program for playing chess games (not to be confused with a chess engine, which is more like an artificial intelligence that plots and plans chess moves). Not only did I want to build a chess game, but I wanted to use it as an experiment to test what I’ve learned about object-oriented design. I’ve made a few trial runs at it over the last few months, but always hit a design wall. Every few weeks I pick it up again and eventually hit a wall that stops me dead in my tracks. I’ve rebuilt the project from scratch about ten times now. Picking it up again recently, I decided this time I’m going to build this damn thing once and for all. Guess what happened? Wall. All these walls are starting to look like a castle, and I don’t mean the fun bouncy kind. Continue reading